Near Amsterdam an enthusiastic team of specialists operates since 1994 at the intersection of marketing, communication and internet. Xicero distinguished by a common sense, pragmatic approach and creative and smart solutions that lead to results.

Marketing at the heart of communication

Marketing and communication have rapidly changed over the last years. Brands are struggling to reach the right customers and to attract new leads. Their targeted customers ignore advertising and have discovered new networks and tools to assist them making purchase decisions. Information is widely available in a new online and transparent world. But how to stand out in your market? How to attract new leads and nurture them into new customers?

In all these changes, some things remain the same. Marketing, for example. Make sure you have an unique identity and a clear and irresistible offer. Get your brand and offer in front your potential customers. Make it findable in Google. Promote it on social network. Get it mentioned and advertised in traditional media like magazines. Or make sure to blog about it and share it with your markets key influencers.

Our offer: connecting brands with people

The specific and in-depth knowledge and years of experience of ‘the Three Marketers’ allows Xicero to find creative and remarkable communications solutions for customers problems. Together with both in-house and external specialist we can take care of all your marketing and communication needs. We offer services for:

  • Marketing
  • Identity Design
  • Content Marketing
  • Promotion
  • Web sites and applications (information systems)

At the end we connect brands with their targetted audience. And deliver new business, an improved brand awareness and a better competitive position in their market. We make them stand out.

Serving International customers…

Besides the local, regional and national customers Xicero communication also works with internationally operating organization. We would love to tell you what we have done for:

  • Yamaha Motor Europe
  • JTB / Travel Plaza Europe
  • Valle d’Aosta (Northern Italy region) 
  • Greif Flexibles
  • Tata Steel Worldwide
  • RAVO-Fayat

We can put you in touch with the decision makers within these companies upon request.

We’re pleased to meet you

As our story and our offer appeals to you, we like to get in touch with you. Please call Donald Thiery or Daniël Kuijk or send the contact form on the right (mobile users: below).

The brand new media company

Since 1994, Xicero delivers value to their customers with a combined expertise in marketing, identity design and internet technology. Our growth did prove the company is headed into the right direction in this digital era.

We connect brands. We make companies visible and findable. And we develop information (BI) systems to improve corporate communication. We create smart website that attract new leads and convert visitors. We design corporate identities and we develop out-of-the-box marketing strategies that make your company stand out.

It's all about increased brand awareness and creating new business in the end. That's why we’re glad that our work resulted in a growing number of new connections with companies that needs solutions to grow. To be found. And to get a competitive advantage in their market.