The permanent process that we go through with our clients is clear. From insight, via idea to realization. To ensure the best result in the end we are looking at target groups, the market and - above all - your goals.



Projects that you do with Xicero, stick to an established strategic process. It allows us to ensure a consistent approach covering the principles of your audience. Striking ideas, attractive design and solid engineering come together in a predictable execution process making the difference for our principals. Thanks to this  process, we maximize return on investment and engagement. Measurable.

Since this process is important, we gladly explain it briefly here.

Insight (principles and frameworks)

Without insight not surprising distinction or good results. Lack of insight makes it impossible to efficiently achieve effective solutions or to maximize performance. Insight is essential: we must understand each other and define clearly what needs to be done. This will save you (and us as well) valuable time (= money). During the process there is a real bond between our two organizations. What does Xicero do exactly? In short: We want to know everything we need to know about the brand, organization, product, and service.

It is not only the beginning but also the most important step in the process of working together. We listen to your needs and expectations in addition to what we already know combined with our capabilities. We examine your input and take issues under scrutiny. Put ourselves in the role of your target audience and look with our experienced and professional eyes. We ask questions that matter. Only listening is not enough: we really want to understand.

Listening or understanding:  an important difference:

  • Are we talking about the same thing? How far are you with your thoughts? 
  • Are we thinking about something intelligent or just about producing something? 
  • A 'Business Need' or a 'technical solution'?

Sharing the possibilities, do's and don'ts.

We care about your important questions, expectations, ideas and frameworks. There are many issues that have an impact on the process in terms of effect, time or budget. We also like to clarify that. Making every detail clear, no surprises. Complete understanding of the possibilities is important for you to be able to (continue to) make the proper choices and understand  what it is all about. By doing so, we eliminate the surprise-factor to a minimum. As you know us, we take - if possible- time for that. On purpose.

Idea (concept)

Investigating, concepting, the use of paper and pen, document, underpin. Test the assumptions to make it happen.

In this second "I" phase, we combine our knowledge with previous research. Design speaks, so it includes composing the possible design (direction), color palette, tone of voice, appearance. But also presentation of  functionality and the design of user interaction. Ideas getting a shape... Where necessary, your team will be joined by our content and (online) marketing specialists. Everything you need to target your message. Sharp and clear.

During this process, some ideas fall. Only the best survive, detailed and designed and justified where necessary. Deserving their final place in the spotlight.

For more complex websites and applications we create a prototype of the application. The advantage of prototyping is also that we provide quick and mutual focus on the main aspects of the new tool, without designers or programmers having made many hours. Saving time and money, it still is an interactive process in which the environment is set up and individual choices and components are reviewed. 


During the implementation phase, the motto is: making the perfect result at once. So, realizing that what was meant in the previous phases, as expected and agreed.

We in Xicero are convinced that intensive cooperation leads to the best results. Therefore we use (for more extensive projects) an approach derived from the SCRUM project methodology. The project operates in short cycles (usually taking 2 weeks) to agreed, workable parts that are fed back to the client for feedback and approval.

This enables you to deliver new (or additional) input, creating together a great eye for detail and enabling to to make changes that matter if required by the situation. This proven method minimizes risk and time-to-market with maximum envisioned end result.

Not decisive, but a nice touch is that the SCRUM methodology puts the fun back for everyone involved: working together, faster results and seeing these results while contributing to high productivity. Things clearly embedded in the final result.


The brand new media company

Since 1994, Xicero delivers value to their customers with a combined expertise in marketing, identity design and internet technology. Our growth did prove the company is headed into the right direction in this digital era.

We connect brands. We make companies visible and findable. And we develop information (BI) systems to improve corporate communication. We create smart website that attract new leads and convert visitors. We design corporate identities and we develop out-of-the-box marketing strategies that make your company stand out.

It's all about increased brand awareness and creating new business in the end. That's why we’re glad that our work resulted in a growing number of new connections with companies that needs solutions to grow. To be found. And to get a competitive advantage in their market.