Xicero communication is a preferred supplier for many national and international companies and businesses. Our in-depth knowledge of marketing communication and new business development and experience of working with many pan-european or worldwide corporate businesses might improve your business as well.


Marketing & Sales support

As a marketing & sales support specialist, we know the needs of marketers, sales and product-managers and communications professionals like no other.

They are continuous improving the marketing and positioning of their products and services and bringing in new customers on a daily base. We support these professionals with;

  • creating brand awareness
  • inform and engage their target audience(s)
  • earn trust and authority
  • convert prospects into new customers
  • inform and support their distribution and sales channels

Understanding marketers’ problems and their most important needs makes Xicero a valuable business partner to accomplish these goals. Interested? See our new Google SEO optimization services to make your website and brand visible and top of mind.

Valuable marketing tools

In order to support sales and optimize business processes Xicero has developed a great and valuable set of marketing tools. Web based tools to decrease costs and increase efficiency and workflow. Smart business tools to protect and strengthen your brand across all channels.

  • XBM (brand management & print)
  • Macoda (web content management)
  • Podio (project management & CRM)
  • InfoNet (marketing information & sales support, channelwide)

Creating new business

Besides these valuable marketing tools we also provide services like

  • identity design
  • website and application development
  • search & social media marketing
  • website & sales promotion

Combining - custom - website development with creative identity design leads to better business and more customers.

We are more than happy to supply a set of references of our work. We look forward to meet you and discuss the best ways to give provide you with clear competitive advantages in your market.


The brand new media company

Since 1994, Xicero delivers value to their customers with a combined expertise in marketing, identity design and internet technology. Our growth did prove the company is headed into the right direction in this digital era.

We connect brands. We make companies visible and findable. And we develop information (BI) systems to improve corporate communication. We create smart website that attract new leads and convert visitors. We design corporate identities and we develop out-of-the-box marketing strategies that make your company stand out.

It's all about increased brand awareness and creating new business in the end. That's why we’re glad that our work resulted in a growing number of new connections with companies that needs solutions to grow. To be found. And to get a competitive advantage in their market.