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Companies that are serious about acquiring new website visitors and customers all know the power of Google. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the name of making your website pages easier to find on Google. We explain very briefly what this is and why you should pay full attention to this.

What is SEO?

SEO is the acronym for Search Engine Optimization. In short: by optimizing the most important factors of the Google algorithm you try to increase the findability of the pages on your website. Nobody knows exactly all the factors (there are hundreds of them and they are continuously being improved in order to make Google's result pages better and more relevant to the users search query) of the algorithm.

How Google works: everybody wants to rank on top

Of the hundreds of factors that determine how Google ranks all pages, content and links are the most important. In summary (we could spend several books on this at a detailed level) the content and the authority (quality) are the foundation of good rankings in Google. In very competitive markets (travel industry, financial world ...) it will be very difficult to get your website pages at the top of Google. In less competitive or local B2B segments it is often much more realistic to get your website rank high on Google.

In the end it is a matter of doing. Make existing pages of your website better. And create new pages that convince your visitors to choose your solution above those of your competition. In addition to pages you will have to provide relevant and quality references to your website. The more references (links and mentions), the better the signal to Google that there you have a good website to offer.

Ranking your website higher in Google

Xicero communication & marketing has several Google SEO experts to improve your website ranking and make your pages visible in Google. We will first look at how your website is performing at the moment. Together with you, we also look at which words are searched for the most. We add value to your business by discovering many new search terms and combinations that will lead to a visit to your website.

Next to keyword research we look at the current website. Are the pages already sufficiently optimized or can we improve things quickly? We analyze the behavior of current visitors on the website. Where do they come from and what do they do on the site and ... most importantly: are these visitors converting to new customer contacts.

The Xicero SEO Services

At Xicero we like to deliver what we promise. And preferably a little more. We will therefore never promise to get you a first position ranking for a specific keyword. Simply because we do not have everything in hand (what if your competitor spends three times as much time on search marketing and optimization...?) And we have no influence on Google's algorithm. That might work differently tomorrow.

What we do promise is a transparent approach in which we listen and analyze well and then promise that we will improve your current rankings. We give a unique improvement guarantee on more visits to your website.

Your investment will be certainly no waste.

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